Everyone (even the confident-looking social butterfly) experience shyness from time to time, but let’s face the facts…

From getting promoted to dating, just hanging out with friends and family to attending a networking event – whether we like it or not, reaching our personal and professional goals involves interacting with other people.

Difficulty making small talk, anxiety when introducing yourself to a new person and nervousness that causes you to not be yourself on a date are all examples of how situational shyness negatively impacts your life. Don’t worry…you can easily learn to overcome these challenges and so much more.

With encouragement and some not-so-common secrets you can overcome situational shyness to be the person you’ve always wanted to be!

Are you ready to…

  • Walk into a room and be perceived as confident and charismatic?
  • Easily meet new people?
  • Become a great conversationalist?
  • Meet that special someone?
  • Have confidence in any business or social situation?

Shy to Social Butterfly™ events and individual programs help men and women gain the confidence and charisma they need to have meaningful interactions with other people to get the life they want (and deserve).

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